Name: Blue Rising Star Chasing my Chance "Xeena"

Breeder: S. van der Spek

Birthdate: 29-09-2008

Color: Seal & White

Height: 46 cm. / 18,1 inch

Weight: 25 kg.

HD: B/B ED: 1/1

Ataxia: Carrier

MH/TT: Passed @ 23-10-2010

Owner: C. Carlsson

Co-Owner: S. van der Spek

This is Xeena, our co-owned female from our C litter out of Téole x Pititon's Tyson.

What can I say about her... When she was born, I knew it right away... This was not just a nice puppy... This was a very special little lady and when the weeks went by, she just kept confirming my idea!

She is such a remarkable girl with a compact body, strong bonestructure, straight front and topline, good angulations and she has a nice headpiece with a great expression. She has good pigmentation, a complete scissor bite and a good naturel ear. What's also nice is the marking on her chest, one we don't see very often! Not only her looks, but also her character is very much like our female Geisha! Xeena loves to cuddle and is a very easy going and sweet girl. She's very social, gentle and obedient. She loves playing with her Malamute friends as no other!

Xeena is exported to Sweden where she is seen at the shows. We are very happy with the co-operation with Caroline and Besfort, where Xeena is living as a queen. Thanks for taking care!!!

*Unfortunately Xeena has ED 1/1 and therefor we've decided to leave her out of our breeding program.*

Pictures made @ 33 months.

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