Name: Pacific Blue Sky Téole

Breeders: Mr. & Mrs. Badi

Birthdate: 05-12-2002

Height: 46 cm. / 18,1 inch

Weight: 26 kg.

Color: Blue Brindle & White

HD: Free

Ataxia: Carrier

MAG-test/TT: Passed @ 19-2-2006

Owner: S. van der Spek

I am so very proud to introduce to you this beautiful girl; Téole. She always was one of my favorite females, I saw her pictures on the internet, I met her in real life when I picked up Diega and I could only think one thing: WOW! What an impressive female! She already got some CAC's and the TAN-test in France and she also produced her first litter there. After this, I got the opportunity to be her new owner and ofcourse I took that chance without a doubt! She came to me when she was 2,5 years old.

Téole looks just amazing; she has a massive build body with a strong bonestructure, but still has that elegance and grace. She has a strait front; a very good chest and compact catfeet. Her movement is awesome, she is pigmentated very good and has a complete scissor bite. Her expression is stunning, she makes lots of heads turn around! She did very well at the shows in France. She got 2 full points there and a reserve. Too bad I couldn't continue showing her here in Holland because of the cropped ears, but I'm pretty sure she would've done very well!

Téole is a very sweet, easy going lady with a golden character, one out of a million!! She realy loves attention from people and children and is a very enthousiastic, though a very carefull and gentle dog. Her biggest hobbies are cuddling, eating, walking in the forest, relaxing in the sun, trotting beside the bicycle, and most of all...swimming! You will see that when you watch her movie. Despite I was her second owner, she trusted me very soon and we passed the Dutch Temperament Test in no time. Since several years she also visits a care institution regularly, where the clients are always happy to see and cuddle her. Last summer she also visited Vlieland, one of the Dutch isles, with her foster family and she still loves running at the beach. Almost 14 years and still going strong!!

Téole is the foundationbitch of our kennel (together with Diega) and she gave us litter A and litter C of which I'm both very proud of. We've also bought her granddaughter Chinook and her grandson Muttley outside the kennel so even more Téole influence through them! She did put her stamp on our breeding program and she'll allways be remembered in her offspring.

Téole now enjoys her life as a pet with Hennie, Eveline and Ruud. Thanks for taking care!

Pictures made @ an age of 58 months.

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