Name: Blue Rising Star Black Label Junior "Sensai"

Breeder: S. van der Spek

Birthdate: 24-04-2007

Color: Black & White

Height: 49 cm. / 19,3 inch

Weight: 29 kg.

Health: NCL-A Clear, HD A, ED Free, OFAca, CERF

MH: Passed @ 21-04-2013

Owner: N. Nesbit

Co-Owner: S. van der Spek

This is my boy Sensai, my first pick male out of our B litter (Diega x Ch. WhtRck Hartagold Black Label).

Sensai is an impressive dog with great bone structure, a straight topline, good angles, nice deep chest, strong wrists, good tailset and he has a very nice, manly headpiece with good expression. He has strong pigmentation, a complete (tight) scissor bite and good movement.

Sensai has a very loving and affectionate character. He was one of the most easy going puppies of the litter. He prefered sleeping, and fighting wasn't his thing. He had a short, energetic clown period when he was young, but he turned into the calm man again quite soon. He likes cuddling (read as getting scratched on the back) while he keeps giving kisses all the time. He also likes chewing his snacks, playing with his toys and searching for sticks in the forest every once in a while, but he enjoys simple, long walks the most. Sensai loves kids, while small puppies aren't really his kind of thing; the smaller the worst in his eyes! He does like adult females though and thinks they are great company, he always shows respect for them like a true gentleman. Outside the house he doesn't care much for other small and easy going dogs, but when he meets a dominant dog, he makes himself big to impress.

Sensai's first offspring was born in January 2012, at Timeless Pride kennel in France. This has been a very important combination for the future of our breeding program, to preserve the Cock 'N' Bulls line in our kennel. The female Sensai was bred to was Guardians of Tower Aska; a daughter of Téole's first litter. With that in mind, our two foundation females Diega and Téole came together AND a pedigree that strongly goes back to CH Yukon's Diamond in The Ruff, we could't refuse to pick a gorgeous boy. You can find him, Muttley, at our male page.

Sensai has moved to Sweden in December 2012 to continue his show career there, pass his MH test and produce some more offspring. In June 2013, his second litter was born at Exelion kennel, from the female Wizage's Primetime Piara. Since this female also matches our breeding program very well, we've decided to take a puppy from this combination too. This turned out to be our wonderful boy Hinto, with whom we are very pleased with and that you can find at our male page as well. I would like to thank Zak Hylerstedt Stomberg for showing interest and managing Sensai's stay in Sweden. I would also like to thank Tina Andersson for taking care for Sensai during his stay!

At April 1st 2014, Sensai moved to USA, to my friend Nicole Nesbit and her family. He's enjoying life to the max there and I would like to thank Nicole for providing Sensai a wonderful home. He will probably produce a one time litter in USA, exclusively for SkyBlue kennel in 2015, of which we will plan to get something back home from as well. After that he will retire and stay at a loving family.

*Sensai unfortunately passed away in December 2014 in USA, as first (and until now only) of the litter. We feel very sad this happened and really hoped it would be different. Sensai didn't produce offspring over there, but we're very happy with the two sons from his previous litters. With these sons we'll keep Sensai alive.*

Pictures made @ an age of 5,5 years.

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Sensai @ Dutch Specialty 2007, handled by Jeroen Stallen