Name: Sacro Romano Imperio Caius Julius Caesar "Santos"

Breeder: Omar Rota

Born: 24-04-2004

Passed Away: 08-06-2009

Height: 53 cm / 20,5 inch

Weight: 31 kilo

Color: Blue Brindle & White


Not available as stud!!

This is Santos, my first Amstaff and a very special one!! I really wanted a puppy from either Chasqui Indian Dingo "Dingo" or CH Yukon's Diamond In The Ruff "Sonic", so when I saw the litter announcement from Sonic x Miss Lady Ruffian online, I made an appointment with Sonic's owners and went to meet him. It seemed he wasn't only great in pictures, but also in real life! What a stunner he was, with a very loving and enthusiastic character. At the end of this first meeting, I knew for sure that I wanted a puppy from the Sonic x Lola litter and put myself on the list for a male. I had a first choice, but I had to wait for more then half a year until the mating would take place. When the pups finally were born, there were two males and four females. When I received the pictures, I just fell in love with little Santos immediately. We've picked him up in Italy when he was twelve weeks old and it was quite a journey, but boy was it worth it! Santos showed me that a dog really can be your best friend.

Unfortunately, when I received Santos' pedigree after a couple of months, it seemed that Sonic wasn't the father... By accident Santos' mother was mated to her son, a male from her previous litter with Sonic... This means that Santos' halfbrother is his father as well. I can tell you this was quite a disappointment after waiting so long! But anyway, it's a good thing that I also loved the mother and her pedigree a lot, since it now double upped in this case. And of course it didn't change my love for Santos anyway.

Santos was a dog with an easy going but also an outgoing character at the same time. He liked sleeping, cuddling and chewing on a bone, but if he heard something unfamiliar, he was alert and awake - that's for sure!! He was a very kind and friendly dog to all people. He liked to kiss everyone and always made visitors feel welcome. Sometimes he was a little too enthusiastic and jumped them over, but he never meant wrong. He just had so much power and strength!! At times he could be a bit stubborn, but he always made up with many hugs... Outside his favorite thing to do was catching and running with a stick or a ball, and playing with his tires in the garden - not to forget! Also swimming was something he liked a lot, and playing with the water hose! He could go on for hours, 'catching' the jet. Overall he just was a very powerful and sportive dog, always ready for a game. He was a great partner to train with, had a big will to please, and we've obtained several dipolmas in obedience.

Santos was an impressive looking male. He reminded you of the 'old type' and several people thought he was a Pitbull Terrier. He was quite athletic and slightly tall but very nicely balanced. He had good angles, a correct topline and front, a good tail and -set, a nice manly head and had a complete scissor bite. He also had good movement and loved to work for me during show training, but he was a late bloomer so after some tries in puppy and youth class, we stopped the showing and focussed on other fun things in life. ;)

*Santos had very high dog agression and I decided to get him neutered so he could enjoy his life as a pet. Unfortunately his new owner wasn't as good for him as we thought she would be and Santos was euthanasied at the age of just 5 years old... This never should have happened!! R.I.P. my boy... I still miss you!*

Picture made @ 2 years.

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Santos with his toy