Name: Blue Rising Star Cauzin A Commotion "Roxy"

Breeder: S. van der Spek

Birthdate: 29-09-2008

Height: 47 cm. / 18,5 inch

Weight: 24 kg.

Color: Fawn & White

HD/ED: -

Ataxia: Clear

MAG-test: -

This is Roxy, our female from our C litter out of Téole x Pititon's Tyson. After thinking and looking and thinking again, this girl was the girl that stayed in our kennel. Please let me introduce her to you!

Roxy has a gorgeous headpiece, straight front legs, good angles and a very impressive movement. She has a complete scissor bite, strong pigmentation, a good naturel ear, a wonderfull coat and a very fine expression! She has an athletic but balanced body and she doesn't do under the expectations that I had from her when she was just a little puppy. When she passes her tests succesfully, we will select a suited male for her.

Roxy enjoys playing with other dogs and can get along with cats very well, but when she sees chicken or other little animals, the Terrier within her comes alive! :-) She also likes to eat and I mean eat nearly everything! Even lettuce, tomatoes and fruit! She often still acts like a little puppy, she can be very clumsy and wild. Life is one big game for her, she's so playfull! On the other side she is very sweet and really lovable. Unfortunately she has lived at several places already, but she finally found her destination with her big brother Micah! Those two beauties are spoiled and loved by Sharon and her daughter Desteny. Thanks for taking care for our girl (who has cauzed quite some commotion)! ;)

*Unfortunately Roxy got a huge uterus infection and therefor she had to be spayed.*

Pictures made @ 4,5 years of age.

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