Name: Impreza "Reza"

Breeders: E. Vereecken & T. van Gucht

Birthdate: 11-09-2009

Color: Seal & White

Height: 47,5 cm. / 18,7 inch.

Weight: 27 kg.

HD: - ED: - Heart: Clear

Ataxia: Clear

MAG-test/TT: -

Owner: S. van der Spek

Co-Owner: C. Meijering

Reza is a daughter of the first litter of Blue Rising Star American Attitude x Daico and she is one of a kind! She was such an adorable and easy going puppy who liked cuddling, sleeping, playing with toys and eating, but actualy that's still the case! If she ever does something naughty, you just have to say "no" and she stops immediately. At that point she's very much like her grandmother Téole and auntie Geisha! When Reza is at the shows she is very relaxed, she just lays in her crate and watches everything around her. When she is walking on the leash and meets other dogs, she shows quite some temperament though, don't mess with Reza!

Reza is a feminine and athletic female with a very nice headpiece, enough bone, straight front, a scissor bite, strong pigmention and a nice expression! She has a good will to please, she has passed her puppy class and GG1 very soon and with high scores. She is now training VZH and she will have her exam in a couple of months. When she passes her health- and mental tests succesfully too, we hope she will give us some nice offspring in the future.

Reza lives with my friends Carola and Sieds from States of Liberty kennel. Carola trains Reza and shows her at exhibitions. Thanks for taking care guys!

*Reza failed the MAG-test and we've decided we'll not try again so we won't breed a litter with her.*

Pictures made @ 22 months.

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