Name: Blue Rising Star Helena Ravenclaw "Raven"

Breeder/Owner: S. van der Spek

Birthdate: 15-01-2014

Height: 44 cm.

Weight: 18 kg.

Color: Red & White

HD: A ED: Free Patella: OFA normal

Heart: OFAca clear

Ataxia: Clear by Parentage

MAG-test/TT: Passed @ 21-06-2016

Raven is our first pick female from the Chinook x Beau litter. She's a wonderful lady with character and expression, well build and with a valueable pedigree. Another great addition to our breeding program, at least we think!! ;)

Right after Raven's birth, I said to Bouke she looked very similair to Pepper, from Chinook's first litter!! Pepper's owner also noticed it when she saw the pics, and when the weeks went by, this little girl didn't only look like Pepper but they also had quite similair characters! They both resamble Chinook a lot; athletic, allert, eager to learn, determined and playful. Raven was the one in the litter that kept hanging in the play rope in the pen for ages, when all of her brothers and sisters slept like logs. Also during play time outside she was really driven to take a hold of the rope (or other toys) and didn't want to let go! Besides playing she's also fond of cuddling and is very sweet and gentle for kids. A lady with a golden heart!!

Raven's a gorgeous standard size female, well balanced and a great mover. She's got good angles, a nice front with straight front legs and compact feet, a good topline and tail, a feminine terrier head, strong pigmentation and a complete scissor bite. She was cropped during her stay in the US so unfortunately we can't show her in Holland but when the time is right, we'll take her to other countries as we expect she'll do well in the ring.

We would like to thank Raven's host family Souw-Gwé, Peter and their 3 kids for taking great care and for the nice cooperation!!

Pictures made @ an age of 16 months.

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