Death leaves a heartache that no one can heal, but love leaves a memory that no one can steal...

Sacro Romano Imperio Caius Julius Caesar "Santos"

† 08-06-2009
I just can't find the correct words to say about Santos' death right now and I wonder if I ever can... At this moment I just can say something about the 3 years we have spent together... He was my first dog, my best friend, my trainings partner, my big love, my pride... He was playfull, driven, funny, sweet, macho... He made me appreciate the breed American Staffordshire Terrier even more than I already did and he motivated me to start my kennel. Unfortunately I made the decision to rehome him, because I thought this was best for him... It turned out in his way too early death at an age of just 5 years old... If I only knew this was going to happen... So sorry, my sweet boy... People can be so cruel!! :(


Until we meet again...


Blue Rising Star Black Label Junior "Sensai"

† 12-12-2014

One of the most easy and sweet Amstaff males I knew... My dear dear Sensai, such a crazy fun loving boy. So hard to believe that you didn't even turn 8 years old, that you became ill and that your body couldn't go on. It just happened so fast, I almost can't realize how your last weeks must have been, since I only know you as a healthy active boy. It's a good thing we have two of your sons (Hinto and Muttley) to keep a part of you going, but even without your offspring, your memories will stay alive in my heart forever. You were a once in a lifetime dog, outside and in.

I would like to thank Nicole Nesbit and Tina Andersson for also taking care of Sensai in his last two years.


Until we meet again...


Guardians Of Tower V.I.P. Cover Girl "Diega"

† 17-11-2015

We got the sad news that our first female, one of our foundation bitches, passed away today. It's Guardians Of Tower V.I.P. Cover Girl "Diega" who gave us our B and D litter. She always was a happy and healthy girl, but the last two weeks she couldn't walk properly and her knee got swollen up. Her knee seemed to hurt very bad and painkillers weren't effective anymore in the last couple of days. This morning, an x-ray showed that she had a huge tumor in the knee; bone cancer. Gert and Esther, who took care of her since she retired, decided to not let her wake up anymore, since this is a very aggressive form of cancer that will not get any better, just get worse very very fast. We respect this decision and are at least happy that Diega isn't in pain anymore. She will be missed enormously and I would like to thank Gert and Esther for giving her a great home these last years!!

Diega, crazy girl with amazing temperament, thanks for all you've given us. You will live on in your offspring.


Until we meet again...


Blue Rising Star Bold And Beautiful "Noah"

† 12-01-2018

Unfortunately, the wonderful Blue Rising Star Bold And Beautiful "Noah" has left this world today.

Noah wasn't just my pick of the litter, but she probably also was one of my best bred-by dogs ever. She was absolutely gorgeous, inside and out.
She lived a great life with my friends, Sandra and Arjen. I'd like to thank them from the bottom of my heart for taking such good care of her all these years, and wish them much strength with this great loss...

Rest In Peace, beautiful Noah...


Until we meet again...


CH Barry's Starting Over With KS "Bubba"

† 24-05-2011
When we picked up Bubba in December 2010 in Hungary, his problems slowly started to show. It began with kennel cough, cystitis and bladder stones. He lost blood from his penis and his hair was falling out. He was on diverse medication and a special diet for all of this but the problems only got worse. After more research (x-rays and ultrasound), his prostate appeared enormous and was filled with cysts so we decided to neuter him. We hoped the problems would stay away after this, but unfortunately that wasn't the case. He started to get depressed; only wanted to go out for very short walks and just slept for the rest of the time. His movement was visibly getting worse and he lost weight, so again he got a total check up (blood-/urine tests and x-rays) and multiple problems were noticed. A spinal deviation showed plus the thyroid wasn't working like it should. Again a bunch of medication and painkillers for this boy, which actually didn't really work. When he got daily diarrhea and he finally ended up with a spinal tumor too, the time came to decide the best thing for Bubba, because this was not the life we wanted for him. He deserved a happy life after all he's been through, and not a depressed life in pain. He couldn't even walk normally, he kept falling down in his last days and this happened at an age of just 5,5 years old... I want to thank Bubba's co-owners Marjolein, Bas and little Mick - who was Bubba's best buddy. They took such good care for Bubba in his last months, they gave him so much love and I am happy that he could be a part of their family!

Until we meet again...

Bred By Us

Blue Rising Star All Eyes On Me "Senna"


Helaas is Blue Rising Star All Eyes On Me "Senna" vandaag ingeslapen, precies een week voor haar 11e verjaardag.

Rust zacht, lieve Senna!! Veel sterkte aan de baasjes!

Woord van de familie:

Tot het einde toe was het zo'n lieve schat, knuffelhond voor onze jongens en oma van alle Rottweiler puppy's die er al die tijd zijn geweest.
Ze heeft een mooi leven gehad maar nu mag ze weer lekker spelen met Ayla in doggy heaven. Bedankt voor de fijne hond die we hebben gehad!

Until we meet again...

Blue Rising Star Blazing Brightly "Java"


Altijd top fit geweest en ineens, binnen een paar dagen, heel snel achteruit. Net als jouw broer en vader waarschijnlijk lymfeklierkanker. Gelukkig is jou wel een lange lijdensweg bespaard gebleven. Rust Zacht, lieve Java... En heel veel sterkte aan de baasjes... Ze heeft een goed leven gehad!!

Until we meet again...

Blue Rising Star Coffee N Cream "Micah"

† 26-02-2016

Helaas hebben we vandaag het verschrikkelijke nieuws gekregen dat Blue Rising Star Coffee N Cream "Micah" afgelopen nacht bij een woningbrand om het leven is gekomen. Micah woonde samen met zijn nestzus Roxy. Zij is gelukkig gered maar zij zal haar grote broer vanaf nu moeten gaan missen. Onbegrijpelijk, zo oneerlijk!! Rust zacht, knappe knuffelbeer!

Until we meet again...

Blue Rising Star Another Universe "Kadisha"

† 07-01-2016

Helaas hebben we via-via vernomen dat Kadisha, één van de beste pups van mijn eerste nest, op of rond 7 januari 2016 door een beunhaas(!) is geëuthanaseerd. Een normale dierenarts wilde haar niet in laten slapen, en wij weten dan ook niet wat de reden is geweest om dit wél te laten doen... Zij is helaas maar 9 jaar oud geworden. Wij betreuren sowieso hoe het met Kadisha gelopen is, hebben de laatste jaren van haar leven dan ook geen contact met haar 2e eigenaar gehad wegens onverantwoord gedrag. Hoe dan ook... Wij hopen dat Kadisha ondanks alles toch een fijn leven heeft mogen hebben. Kadisha, rust zacht mooie schat. Het spijt ons dat het zo gegaan is!! Nu maar lekker spelen daarboven, met je broer Kenzo en halfzusje Cucci!

Until we meet again...

Blue Rising Star All Time Favorite "Kenzo"

† 22-06-2015

Helaas hebben we van de baasjes vernomen dat Blue Rising Star All Time Favorite "Kenzo" vandaag is ingeslapen. Kenzo was ziek, had last van de prostaat en ging de laatste dagen enorm achteruit.
Wij willen de baajes van Kenzo heel veel sterkte wensen met dit verlies. Het was een ontzettend lieve kanjer! Rust zacht, Kenzo...

Until we meet again...

Blue Rising Star Custom Made "Cucci"

† 10-06-2013

Unfortunately we've got the very very sad news that Blue Rising Star Custom Made "Cucci" has been put down to sleep this afternoon, due to the fact that she was Ataxia Affected. She would have turned 5 years old this coming September, but her quality of life was just too bad last months... Sweet Cucci, I am so sorry this happened to you. I hope you can find peace now and play together with your buddy Ringo. You're gone but not forgotten! Much strength to Cucci's owners...

Until we meet again...

Blue Rising Star Collectors Item "Guarda"

† 20-06-2011
This morning the very sad news arrived that our bred boy Blue Rising Star Collectors Item "Guarda" passed away at a way too young age. After being very sick from a heavy bacterial infection for some days, he was brought to the bloodbank in Nijverdal yesterday evening for a transfusion. Unfortunately Guarda was too weak to get the transfusion at that moment, so he had to stay there on an infusion last night, hoping he would get stronger. This morning he began to pass out and the doctors did try to reanimate him, but it was too late... We still can not believe it, it all went so fast and we want to wish Guarda's owners many strength with this great loss...

Until we meet again...

Our Lost Puppies

Out of Raven x Muttley

Born 19-02-2017


Blue Rising Star Never Forget

Blue Rising Star Not In This Lifetime

Brindle male and female, Rest In Peace...

Blue Rising Star Misty Meadow

† 06-07-2016

Precious girl from Mi-Na x Potter... Unfortunately born dead and we couldn't save her...

Rest In Peace...

Blue Rising Star Love The Memories

Male out of Hoopa x Muttley, Rest In Peace...


May your soul be with your two sisters and a brother that were born dead.

Blue Rising Star Left Too Soon

Blue Rising Star Light From Above

Blue Risng Star Like An Angel

Blue Rising Star Infinity Spirit

Blue Rising Star In Heaven

Two black puppies out of Geisha x Xem, Rest In Peace...

† 21-06-2014


Brindle boy out of Geisha x Junior...

Blue Rising Star Gone with the Wind

Unfortunately born dead just after midnight @ 14-11-2012, but will not be forgotten!

Blue Rising Star Forget Me Not

Male out of Chinook x Chaydon, Rest In Peace...

Blue Rising Star Darkness

Blue Rising Star Devine

Blue Rising Star Daydream

(Diega x Yari)

* 04-03-2009...............† 04-03-2009

No farewell words were spoken

No time to say goodbye

You were gone before we knew it

And only God knows why

* 29-09-2008
† 30-09-2008

Blue Rising Star Candle In The Wind

RIP little boy out of Téole x Tyson, as well as your 2 black and white brothers who were born dead...

Blue Rising Star Celestial

Blue Rising Star Cherub

* 24-04-2007

Blue Rising Star Bejeweled & Blue Rising Star Bedazzled


Both girls out of Diega x Junior passed away at the age of 2 days... They were to weak to eat.

RIP little ones...

* 19-12-2006

Blue Rising Star Azura Sky

This little lady out of Téole x Stitch unfortunately passed away at the age of 2 days, because her mother layed down on her.

RIP little beauty.

But never forgotten

Known By Us

Mystical "Nino"

I met this boy in 2005 and he made a great impression on me. Such amazing looks and what a strong temperament he had! Maybe too much character for some, but respected by many! Unfortunately he got a lung defect and passed away too soon at the age of only 8 years old... His owner Elwin still misses him every single day... Rest in Peace Nino!


Relatives & Friends

Ch. Truan's Black Tide




GCh. Wht Rk B'Dazzled By A Knight





Ch. Chasqui Indian Pepita




Ch. WhtRck Hartagold Black Label




Ch. Yukon's Diamond in the Ruff




Cheyenne Indians Running Squaw




Blueberry Rebels Thasqui




Cheyenne Indians Riocha's Destiny




Chasqui Indian Dingo




Cheyenne Indians Blue Rising Star