December 25 2011
December 18 2011

Our first bred litter turned 5 years old today, congratulations to all babies of Téole x Stitch!

Blue Rising Star All Time Favorite "Kenzo"

December 15 2011

Blue Rising Star Eskimo Indian "Buddha" has won this year's Christmas contest and he will be seen at our frontpage logo until New Year!

The winning pictures are made by Buddha's co-owner Margriet Edens, congratulations!

December 6 2011

A little sooner as planned, an echography confirmed Aska's pregnancy of Sensai today! About 5 puppies were seen and the hearts were beating strong. This litter is expected around January 13 2012 at Timeless Pride kennel in France. We'll keep you posted!

December 4 2011
Today we've picked up the adoption female Frozen Flame Silver City "Nina" together with her new owners the Veldthuis family. Nina is out of Chasqui Tinto Verano x Ch. Chasqui King Gizmo and she is the new girlfriend of our male Chaydon! You can find Nina's page at our co-own female section, because maybe we will breed a Blue Rising Star litter with her in the future. Most important is that she has found a wonderful home now so she can recover and enjoy the rest of her life. Pictures will follow later.
November 13 2011

Op de clubmatch van de Noorder Kynologenclub keurde Dhr. Th. van der Horst en hebben onze 3 ingeschreven hondjes het leuk gedaan vandaag!

Allereerst maakte onze Divinity's Born This Way "Lady" haar debuut in de puppyklasse en dit ging haar prima af! Ze werd 2e geplaatst met een Veel Belovend. Enkele punten van haar raport: 8 mnd oud, vrouwelijk teefje, goed type, voor leeftijd prima hoofd met goede schedel, prima oog oor en gebit, goede bakken, strakke lippen, prima hals, recht front met passend bone, voldoende hoeking voor goede achter, goede staartaanzet, goede kleur en goede vachtstructuur, zeer goede gangen zeker voor haar leeftijd, prima karakter

Vervolgens stond Blue Rising Star Electric Shock "Spike" in de tussenklasse en werd 1e geplaatst met een Zeer Goed. Enkele punten van zijn rapport: Bijna 2 jaar, flinke reu, krachtig hoofd, goed oor, prima stop, prima bakken, voldoende strakke lippen, goed oog en gebit, recht front, prima bone, voldoende hoekingen voor goede achter, goede ribkorf, prima gestroomde vacht

En als klap op de vuurpijl werd onze Impreza "Reza" in de open klasse 1e met een Uitmuntend, ze werd beste teef én ze won van de beste reu dus werd Beste van het Ras! Enkele punten van haar rapport: 26 mnd, teef van een goed type, vrouwelijke verschijning met dito hoofd, brede schedel, prima ooraanzet en -dracht, donker oog, prima bakken, goede lip, goede verhouding voorsnuit schedel, goede hals en recht front, harmonische hoekingen voor en achter, prima body, goede boven- en onderbelijning, prima vachtstructuur, goede gangen voor, prima karakter

Reza werd wederom door haar co-owner C. Meijering gehandeld, bedankt hiervoor!

November 12 & 13 2011

Deze dagen is Guardians of Tower Aska van Timeless Pride kennel weer gedekt door onze Blue Rising Star Black Label Junior "Sensai". Over 4 weken zal een echo worden gemaakt om te zien of Aska drachtig is. We zijn ontzettend benieuwd en wachten vol spanning af!

We danken Aurélie en Yoann voor het mogelijk maken van deze combinatie!

November 6 2011

Onze teef Blue Rising Star Cauzin A Commotion "Roxy" stond vandaag ingeschreven in de open klasse van de Int. Dogshow te Bleiswijk. Helaas was haar mede-eigenaar/vaste handler ziek en deze kon dus niet zelf aanwezig zijn. Roxy is daarom uitgebracht door junior handler Lisanne Bakker, die we bij deze dan ook hartelijk willen bedanken! Keurder was Dhr. W. Wellens en beoordeling was een Good. Enkele punten van het rapport:

3 jaar

zeer vrouwelijk totaal beeld

rastypisch hoofd, goed gebeiteld

scharend gebit, correcte oren + ogen

vriendelijk gedrag

October 31 2011
October 28 2011

After waiting a long time, Aska finally came in heat again today! As soon as she is ready for it, she will come to Holland to be bred to our Sensai. Of course we'll keep you posted about the developments!

October 26 2011

We are very proud to present our new addition to you! She's called Divinity's Born This Way "Lady" and she is out of AKC & INT CH B'Dazzled Knight of Divinity (TT, OFAg/el/pa/ca, NCL-A) x Milestone WhtRk Lady of Divinity (OFA ca/prelim good/prelim elbows, NCL-A). Lady is born on March 11 at kennel 'Divinity' in Maple Valley, USA. I've picked her up from our airport today and I already can say that I am very happy that this girl came into our lives!

I would like to thank Sandra de Vries for joining me to Schiphol today, I also would like to thank the Snyder family for taking Lady in their home for me and taking such good care for her and last but not least I would like to thank Renee and Chip Kay for the trust to send this lovely girl over and for the nice cooperation! I am looking forward to our future! :)

October 2 2011

At the Int. Show in Zwolle we had 4 of our dogs competing today. Spike and Buddha were in intermediar class and Chaydon and Reza were in open class. Spike was placed 4th with a Very Good qualification, Chaydon was placed 3rd with an Excellent qualification and Buddha and Reza both got a Very Good qualification. There were 50 Amstaffs in total and judge was Mr. D. Paunovic (Serbia).

Some points of Chaydon's report:

31 months, correct size, normal head, good neck, good chest, good behind angulation, nice temperament.

Some points of Spike's report:

18 months, correct size, correct skull, long neck, excellent chest, good behind angulation, good condition.

I want to thank Carola for handling Buddha and Reza today!

September 29 2011

Our C Litter turned 3 years old today!! Congrats en we hope for many more years to come!

September 13 2011

Unfortunately we have some bad news again... Today an echography showed that Geisha is not pregnant from Bruno. We'll keep you updated about further plans.

September 11 2011

At the clubmatch of KC De Baronie in Breda, Roxy became Best of Breed and 2nd in Terrier group. Judge was Mr. van Dijk.




Herewith I would like to thank co-owner Sharon Hutjens for handling Roxy again!

September 3 2011
Our female Impreza "Reza" competed again today at the show in Leeuwarden, this time the CAC competition of the Euro Dog Show. Judge was Mr. G. Eva (South-Africa) and he placed Reza 3rd with a Very Good qualification. Herewith she left a youth champion behind. We're verry proud of Reza and her co-owner/handler Carola Meijering!

September 1 2011

Today the FCI Centenary European Dog Show 2011 took place in Leeuwarden and our female Impreza "Reza" competed in intermediar class. She got a Very Good qualification. Judge was Mr. T. Jakkel (Hungary).

Thanks to Reza's co-owner Carola Meijering for handling Reza!

August 21 2011

At the clubmatch of the KVVP in Spijkenisse our female Blue Rising Star Cauzin A Commotion "Roxy" is placed 2nd today in Open Class with a nice report! We're proud of her! Judge was Mrs. C.P. Zwaartman-Pinster.

Complete report:

35 mnths, sufficiently powerful overall picture for age, shows feminine characteristics, sufficiently broad skull with good ear, sufficiently developed cheeks, good eye and expression, great neck, good front and rear angulation, nice topline and tail set, good ribs, athletic movement, good bone and coat.


Herewith I would like to thank co-owner Sharon Hutjens for handling Roxy again!

August 15 2011

Our girl Blue Rising Star Awesome Ambition "Geisha" is bred to Bruno today! We will make an echography in 4 weeks to see if Geisha is pregnant! Herewith I would like to thank Wendy and Pepijn of Frozen Flame kennel for giving me the possibility to use Bruno!

June 26 2011

Blue Rising Star Dressed for Succes "Chaydon" has succesfully passed the MAG-test/TT today!

June 20 2011

This morning the very sad news arrived that our bred boy Blue Rising Star Collectors Item "Guarda" passed away at a way too young age. After being very sick from a heavy bacterial infection for some days, he was brought to the bloodbank in Nijverdal yesterday evening for a transfusion. Unfortunately Guarda was too weak to get the transfusion at that moment, so he had to stay there on an infusion last night, hoping he would get stronger. This morning he began to pass out and the doctors did try to reanimate him, but it was too late... We still can not believe it, it all went so fast and we want to wish Guarda's owners many strength with this great loss...

R.I.P. Guarda... We will never forget you!

June 19 2011

Today was a fun day at the clubmatch of KC Assen. We showed our brothers Blue Rising Star Eskimo Indian "Buddha" and Blue Rising Star Electric Shock "Spike" there in Youth Class. Buddha was placed 1st and Spike 2nd. Blue Rising Star Dressed for Succes "Chaydon" was also placed 1st but then in Open Class, so he had to compete to Buddha. Chaydon became BOB. In the ring of honor he was placed 4th and all three males had a very nice report so again we are very proud! Judge was Mr. D. Baars.

27 mnth, good size and proportions, good bone, good musculation, very nice head, good eye, good bite, enough front angulation and good rear angulation, good ribs, swift movement.

1st Open Class, BOB, 4th BIG

15 mnth, good proportions, strong head, correct ear, good eye, correct bite, enough front angulation and good rear angulation, straight topline, swift and strong movement.

1st Youth Class

15 mnth, very well developped for his age, very good bone, good musculation, strong head, good eye, correct bite, good ribs and backhand, friendly temperament.

2nd Youth Class

Thanks to all the co-owners for being present and the help! :)

June 14 2011

We are happy to announce our folowing combination!

Because of the high age, Bruno's semen is tested today and the result was positive so now we just have to wait for Geisha's heat! Look at our Breeding page for more information!

June 12 2011

Today we had our first Kennel Day, a walk for all Blue Rising Star dogs and also for Laika x Daico puppies, since they are a part of our family as well. It was a very nice day, nice weather and good atmosphere. We hope to repeat it next year! :)

Click picture to see more.

FLTR: Bikkel, Java, Chaydon, Brandy, Dyna, Semm, Sky, Cino, Indy, Guarda, Macy (guest), Roxy & Micah.

Thanks for coming people!

May 24 2011

When we picked up Bubba in December 2010 in Hungary, his problems slowly started to show. It began with kennel cough, cystitis and bladder stones. He lost blood from his penis and his hair was falling out. He was on diverse medication and a special diet for all of this but the problems only got worse. After more research (x-rays and ultrasound), his prostate appeared enormous and was filled with cysts so we decided to neuter him. We hoped the problems would stay away after this, but unfortunately that wasn't the case. He started to get depressed; only wanted to go out for very short walks and just slept for the rest of the time. His movement was visibly getting worse and he lost weight, so again he got a total check up (blood-/urine tests and x-rays) and multiple problems were noticed. A spinal deviation showed plus the thyroid wasn't working like it should. Again a bunch of medication and painkillers for this boy, which actually didn't really work. When he got daily diarrhea and he finally ended up with a spinal tumor too, the time came to decide the best thing for Bubba, because this was not the life we wanted for him. He deserved a happy life after all he's been through, and not a depressed life in pain. He couldn't even walk normally, he kept falling down in his last days and this happened at an age of just 5,5 years old... I want to thank Bubba's co-owners Marjolein, Bas and little Mick - who was Bubba's best buddy. They took such good care for Bubba in his last months, they gave him so much love and I am happy that he could be a part of their family!

R.I.P. Bubba... We will never forget you!

April 25 2011

Today another good day at the International Eastershow in Leeuwarden! Our male Blue Rising Star Electric Shock "Spike" was placed 3rd with a Very Good result in Youth Class and our female Impreza "Reza" was also placed 3rd but then with an Excellent result in Intermediaire Class! We are very proud of our babies! Judge was Mrs. B. von Kralik (Germany).


13 mnths, brindle male, well proportioned, proper movement with enough drive, solid topline, enough rear angulation, sweet boy.


19 mnths, well shaped head with a lot of expression, proper movement, solid top- and underline, correct hindquarters, very sweet and calm girl.

April 24 2011

Herewith I would like to wish everybody a very happy easter and I would like to congratulate the owners of the beauties of our B litter! Sensai, Noah, Seda, Nikita, Java, Diva, Angel and Diezel are 4 years old today!

April 9 2011

Even though our last dog school Stichting Alfa also stopped their trainings unfortunately, we still make some nice walks together sometimes, just like today! This time we only brought Noah and it was a very pleasant afternoon!

Thanks Sandra and Stichting Alfa!

March 15 2011

Our E-litter is 1 year old today! Happy birthday Spike and Buddha!

March 9 2011
Again some very bad luck... Our latest addition, CH Barry's Starting Over With KS "Bubba", will urgently be neutered tomorrow because of a huge prostate problem. After some symptoms, several echographies and x-rays were made yesterday, and today the advise came that there is not very much we can do about it. Bubba's prostate is enormous, it has grown outside his pelvis and it is filled with cysts. We think it's a real shame we can not have any offspring of him, but this is the only best option... I want to thank Bubba's co-owner Marjolein for taking good care!
March 6 2011

At the exhibition in the Martini Plaza in Groningen, our male Blue Rising Star Electric Shock "Spike" (11 months) was qualified with a Good and our female Impreza "Reza" (17 months) was qualified with a Very Good in youth class. Very Good was the highest qualification in this class today, because the judge thought an Excellent result is not appropriate for a dog that still develops. Our male Blue Rising Star Dressed for Succes "Chaydon" (24 months) was qualified with a Very Good in de open class. We are proud of our doggies! Judge was Mr. M. di Chicco (Italy).








Carola, thanks for handling Reza!

March 4 2011

Our D-litter is 2 years old today! Happy birthday Chaydon, Dyna, Brandy and Junior!

February 25 2011

No pups were seen at the echography of Chinook today unfortunately... Keep an eye on our Breeding page for further plans.

February 8 2011

Our web site has been chosen by the editors at All pets Directory for the Great Pet Site Web Award!

Our Web Site Was Chosen because of:

Excellent content
Design and presentation
Attention to Details
Prestige and visibility
Encouraging compassion and caring for animals

January 28 2011

Today some good and some bad news...

The good news is that our girl Goodies Criss Cross Creation "Chinook" is bred to our boy Blue Rising Star Chasq Creek Café "Xem" and we are hoping for a nice litter from this combination around April 1st!!! Echography will take place in 4 weeks and we will keep you updated about the result of that!

The bad news is that the test results of our co-own girl Blue Rising Star Chasing My Chance "Xeena" came in and it seems she unfortunately has ED 1/1 (besides HD B/B). Therefor we've decided not to breed with Xeena so we canceled the planned combination with Ginobili. With pain in our hearts she is moved to our retired ladies at the website... We would like to thank Caroline and Besfort again for taking such good care for Xeena!

January 12 2011

Unfortunately a man who has done very much for our breed has passed away today at an age of only 46 years old; Kevin Meling from Yukon's kennel. I was so honored that he, breeder of Ch. Yukon's Diamond in the Ruff and many other great dogs, wanted a puppy from my female Diega onc day. It's a shame it never happened and it never will... Much strength to family and dear ones... Rest In Peace Kevin and thanks for what you have done!

January 6 2011

Today our co-own lady Blue Rising Star Chasing My Chance "Xeena" was placed 4th out of 8 females in Open Class at the My Dog show in Gothenburg. She got an Excellent qualification and judge was Mr. Malo Alcrudo Rafael (Spain).

Congrats to Xeena's owners!

Last year I've been asked to write an article for the Hoflin Annual 2010, which came as a big surprise. I wrote it with much pleasure and today I received the Annual. I'm very proud of our first publication including pictures!

January 1 2011