December 31 2008

No better way for us to finish the year then with the first successful breeding between:

Pretty Boy Yari from Gillians Home x Guardians of Tower V.I.P. Cover Girl

We also received the Ataxia results of our dogs wich are as following:

Guardians of Tower V.I.P. Cover Girl "Diega": Clear

Blue Rising Star Awesome Ambition "Geisha": Clear

Blue Rising Star Black Label Junior "Sensai": Clear

Blue Rising Star Bold and Beautiful "Noah": Clear

Goodies Criss Cross Creation "Chinook": Clear

Rixendis Tribale California Dolls "Vaya": Clear

We wish everybody a very happy New Year!!

December 25 2008

We want to wish everybody a very merry Christmas!!!

December 24 2008

Today we received the official results of the hip and elbow tests of our dogs. They are as following:

Blue Rising Star Awesome Ambition "Geisha": HD A, ED Free

Blue Rising Star Black Label Junior "Sensai": HD A, ED Free

Blue Rising Star Bold and Beautiful "Noah": HD A, ED Free

Goodies Criss Cross Creation "Chinook": HD A, ED Free

Rixendis Tribale California Dolls "Vaya": HD C, ED Free

Nikita's results will follow asap.

December 18 2008

Today our A litter has already turned 2 years old.

We would like to congratulate Bikkel, Snowy, Kenzo, Kadisha, Indy, Senna, Laika, Disney and our own Geisha!

December 5 2008

Herewith we would like to present our new co-own girl Blue Rising Star Believe It or Not (Nikita). She is from our B-litter out of Diega x Junior and she lives with Nathalie and Erik in Eindhoven. Thanks for taking care!!

We've tested our dogs Geisha, Sensai, Noah, Chinook Vaya and Nikita on HD and ED today. Also all of them and Diega are tested on Ataxia as well.

We're very curious and will keep you informed about the results.

December 3 2008

Sinds dit jaar hebben we een nieuw onderdeel in onze Gallery en wel de Kerst hoek. Het is al aangekondigd op de BRS-Hyves, maar voor de mensen die daar geen lid zijn:

Laat je (weer) van je creatiefste kant zien en zet je BRS-hondje zo leuk of mooi mogelijk op de foto in kerst sfeer! Alle foto's worden in de Kerst hoek en hier op de Nieuws pagina geplaatst en de leukste/mooiste foto zal tot het nieuwe jaar verwerkt worden in ons logo op de voorpagina!

Hieronder enkele voorbeelden van kerstfoto's van vorige jaren om eventueel wat ideeen op te doen.


De foto's graag naar ons toe mailen voor 15 december. Heel veel succes, plezier en geduld toegwenst!!! ;-)

November 29 2008

Our boy Blue Rising Star Black Label Junior "Sensai" was placed 3rd with a Very Good at the Winner-show in Amsterdam today.

I would like to thank Christy van de Ven for handling him!

November 16 2008

Today was a very good day for us! At the Clubmatch in Veendam both Geisha and Sensai won their class and then became Best Male and Best Female! When they had to compete against eachother, Sensai was Best Opposite Sex and Geisha got the Best of Breed! I am so very proud of them!


I also would like to thank Sandra and Margriet for handling them! Great job!

Pictures made by: Dennis & Carina

November 10 2008

After some hard thinking we desided to keep the following 2 pups from the litter of Téole x Tyson:

Blue Rising Star Chasq Creek Café


Blue Rising Star Cauzin A Commotion


Blue Rising Star Chasing My Chance


Blue Rising Star Custom Made


Herewith I would like to thank Wim, Charyta (& Mia), Caroline & Besfort and Wendy & Ronny for their cooperation!

October 4 2008

At the Clubmatch in Sneek today, our female Geisha was placed 1st with Excellent result and became Best of Breed!

Then she was placed 4th BIG!! Very proud of her and her handler Sandra de Vries! Thanks for the great job!

September 29 2008

Today the beautiful pups of Téole x Tyson are born!

We've got 4 males and 4 females.

Look at the Puppy Page for more info!!!

Unfortunately we lost 1 little male...

R.I.P. beautiful boy!

September 27 2008

A picture of our bred male Blue Rising Star All Time Favorite "Kenzo" is used on a banner for a Dutch forum.

Kenzo is the black male on the right, owner S. de Vries.

September 14 2008

Today our boy Blue Rising Star Black Label Junior "Sensai" competed at the dogshow in Zwolle and was placed 2nd with the qualification Excellent! It was a strong class of 6 wonderful males, so I am very proud at this result.


Good type, Good head and expression, Good front, Good chest, Very good angulations, Excellent topline, Good balance, Very good musculation, Good movement, Good temperament.


I would like to thank Sensai's handler Sandra de Vries. Well done!!

August 27 2008

Yesss!!! We can now officialy announce that Téole is pregnant of Tyson!

Puppies are expected around October 1 2008!

More information on the breeding page.

August 19 2008

Click on the picture to see the rest!

Finally the pictures of the 1st birthday of Sensai and Noah arrived and they are just gorgeous! I am very satisfied with the result and I would like to thank Ad Drenthe from Armady Studio for the great shoot!

July 29, 30 & 31 2008

These were 3 very exciting (and also very hot) days for Blue Rising Star! The breeding between Téole x Tyson took place in Belgium!!
Without the help of Vince Mauger, Sandra de Vries and Kim & Micha this wasn't possible, so herewith I would like to thank them a lot for all their trouble!

A small impression:

Sandra and Téole at our stop in Zeeland.

The hotel in Belgium were the dogs were also very welcome!

Visiting Tatanka.

Téole & Tyson having some playtime.

And then the reason why we came here...

A portret of the love-duo.

In 4 weeks we will see on the echo if Téole is really pregnant! Keep an eye on our website!

July 23 2008

Also the pictures of Geisha who stays in Groningen with her friend Tyra and her temporary owners Charyta and het mother Mia have been send!

Thanks for taking care ladies! ;-)

July 19 2008

And yes... Here is the update of Sensai who is staying at his sister (our co-own female) Noah in Stadskanaal!

As you can see he is also having a lot of fun! Thanks Sandra and Arjen!

July 18 2008

A little photo-update of Chinook and Diega during their sleep overs.

Chinook has a very good time with her friends Kira and Roman and her hosts Ilona and Jeroen in Nijmegen. ;-)

Also Diega amuses herself a lot with Wesley and Manuela in Eindhoven!

Thanks for the pics and doggy-sitting, guys!

June 30 2008

Today life is given to Yentl!!! She is the new baby friend of Blue Rising Star American Attitude "Laika" and her friend Daico.

Herewith I would like to congratulate Ellen and Tom, the proud and happy parents of Yentl. Enjoy her!

June 19 2008

Unfortunately I have to go to hospital for surgery June 26, so I would like to thank the people who want to take care for my dogs that periode and the periode after this when I have to recover!

Wesley and Manuela for taking care of Diega, Charyta Goedgedrag and her mother for taking care of Geisha, Ilona and Jeroen for taking care of Chinook, Sandra and Arjen for taking care of Sensai and my mother for taking care of Téole (and me hihi).

You are angels!!! A big big thank you from me and the doggies!

June 3 2008

Unfortunately Diega's breeding can not take place this heat anymore, so we have to wait till her next heat (around Januari) for the next try. Our upcomming combination will be Téole x Pititon's Tyson. Téole will get in heat around July/August. Keep an eye on the breedingpage!

May 10 2008

Blue Rising Star Beyond All Dreams "Diva" has passed her EG1 exam today!

Congratulations to Esther, Corné and ofcourse Diva!!!

April 27 2008

Again some very nice showresults for Chinook's littermates at Int. Show Luxembourg!

Sister Chelsea was placed 3rd with a Very Promising

Brother Nino was placed 4th with a Very Promising aswell

Congratulations to breeders and owners!

April 24 2008

Today our litter B, from the combination Diega x Junior, turned 1 year!!!

Herewith I would like to congratulate all the owners and doggies!

It's also Santos' birthday today; he has turned 4 years old!

Congratulations my sweet boy!!

April 20 2008

Today our boy Blue Rising Star Black Label Junior "Sensai" competed at Int. Show Lingen, Germany. He was placed 3rd with the qualification Very Good.

Some points on the report:

1 year old male of good size. Very good forechest, good topline, good angulations, good movement, nice coat and friendly character.

Thanks Dewy Middendorp (Guardians Pride kennel) for handling him!! It was a difficult job today! ;)

March 30 2008
Our bred by female Blue Rising Star Beyond All Dreams "Diva" (Diega x Junior) competed at the Young Dogshow of the ASTCH today and got the qualification Very Good. There were 17 entries in her class.

Some points on the report:

11 months old female. Good head, good expression, good skull and muzzle, good profile, nice tight lip.

Good proportions, very good coat, sufficient musculation.

Congratulations to the owners; Esther en Corné!!!

March 29 2008
Some nice show-news about the brother of out girl Chinook. Goodies Cock 'N' Bulls Royal Boy "Rosco" was placed 4th with a Very Promising at the Int. Show Luxembourg today! There were 7 entries in his class.

Rosco, Nino & Chelsea

Also brother Nino and sister Chelsea have done well and both got the qualification Very Promising!

Congratulations to breeders and owners.

February 27 2008

Today my friend Sandra de Vries (who also is the owner of Blue Rising Star All Time Favorite) came to visit us and she helped me with making some beautiful pictures of Geisha, Chinook and Vaya.

(The other dogs will be for another day, because a session always costs a lot of time! LOL)

Blue Rising Star Awesome Ambition "Geisha"

Goodies Criss Cross Creation "Chinook"

Rixendis Tribale California Dolls "Vaya"

These are a few, you can find more on their personal pages and in their albums.

Thank you Sandra!

February 22 2008

As a total surprise, the kennel Rixendis Tribale offered us their female Vaya last week! Today Christophe and Chantal brought her to our kennel themselves, wich we want to thank them for! Marc and Sandra will take them in their home with all pleasure. Also thanks for this guys! Vaya is a granddaughter of Ch. White Rock Chaskras El Diëgo (just likeTéole) and also a granddaughter of the father of our B-litter; Ch. White Rock Hartagold Black Label. We literally own a new family member we can say! Vaya will compete at several exhibitions, so keep an eye on her!

Rixendis Tribale California Dolls "Vaya"

(USA import WR Dogtown Twiggy de Rixendis x Rixendis Tribale Viva Lynnsha Pearl)

February 8 2008

Unfortunately there were no puppies seen at the x-ray of Téole today... That means she will be bred to Tyson the next time she comes into heat again.

January 12 2008

Our bred female Blue Rising Star Breaking Records "Seda" competed at the show in Waalwijk today. She was placed 4th with a very nice report!

Head and teeth: Excellent

Expression, body and movement: Very good Coat and character: Excellent Behaviour in the ring and toilettage: Very good Total condition: Excellent

Very Good

Congrats to her owners!

January 11 2008

Today Téole has been bred to Pititon's Tyson. In 4 weeks we will do an x-ray, so we can tell you if Téole is pregnant.

January 9 2008

Just like last year, our dogs are represented in this years Am Staff agenda again!!!

If you are interested in buying this agenda, order it here:

January 2 2008

Guardians of Tower A Legacy Forever aka Chike (a son of Téole x Sonic) is used for a logo of a company called Siframi.

January 1 2008

We wish you all the best for 2008!!!