December 31 2007

Téole got in heat today, wich means she will be bred to Tyson in January!!!

What a great way to finish a year and start a new one. ;-)

December 28 2007

Today Blue Rising Star All Time Favorite "Kenzo" came to visit us. We had a great day. Here is a small impression.

Kenzo, Geisha and Sensai sniffing... Jammie!


Kenzo and Geisha; family by nature, friends by choise!


Brother and sister portret. ;-)


Blue Rising Star All Time Favorite "Kenzo"


Blue Rising Star Awesome Ambition "Geisha"


Blue Rising Star Black Label Junior "Sensai"


Sensai and Kenzo playing.


Big friends, great fun!


Geisha and Kenzo looking outside.

Do we resemble???

Brother and sister love. Kisses all over!

We had a great day! Bye bye!

December 25 2007

We recieved some very nice Christmas pictures of our bred dogs!! Take a look in our Gallery!

We want to wish everyone very happy holidays!!!

December 23 2007

Again we can tell you that 1 of our bred females, Blue Rising Star Breaking Records "Seda", has finished the Puppy-training with great succes today! She was best of her class with 84 points!

Nathalie and Seda; congratulations and keep up the good work!

December 18 2007

Today the pups of the Blue Rising Star A-litter (Téole x Stitch) are 1 year old!! Congrats to the owners!

December 16 2007

Our bred female Blue Rising Star Breaking Records "Seda" competed at the Stafford Times event today.


Head: Beautiful feminim head with good stop

Teeth: Scisorbite (complete was not to be seen)

Coat: Excellent condition

Tail: Good set and length

Body: Beautiful, short, wellshaped body with good front

Movement: Good in the back (rest was hard to be judged)

Qualification: Excellent!!!

December 1 2007

Our female Blue Rising Star Bold and Beautiful "Noah" finished the first semester of the Obedience Training today!!!

Noah's co-owners Sandra and Arjen did a fantastic job! Keep up the good work!!!

November 18 2007

Today was a very exsiting day! The Dutch Specialty took place in Diessen, where some of our bred dogs competed! Unfortunately Kenzo was ill so he couldn't compete. Sensai and Geisha zijn uitgebracht door Jeroen Stallen en Bonita is uitgebracht door Kim Bague. Bedankt!!














Indy came for support!

Today I also welcomed my new addition Goodies Criss Cross Creation "Chinook"! She is such a pretty, sweet, smart and beautiful puppy and I am very happy with her.

Thanks Charline and Seb for bringing my princess!

I was also very happy to meet Pititon's Tyson in real life! I saw him before on pictures and video, and also was very interested in his pedigree. I had him in mind for the upcoming breeding with Téole, and now I've seen him today, I am convinced! So herewith I can proudly present you our upcoming breeding plan for December:

Thanks Vince for taking Tyson to Holland!

November 4 2007

Today Diega's brother and Chinook's father; Guardians of Tower Viewers Pleasure "Tatanka", competed at the dogshow in Metz (France) and won the reserve CACIB!!!

Congratulations to breeders and owners!

November 3 2007

Unfortunately we have to announce that the breeding with Téole x Ch. Skyblue's Southern Deejay can not take place anymore. Deejay had to be neutered for medical reasons. We will find another male for Téole and keep you updated about the new plans.


October 21 2007

Today was the day I made my choice and picked a lovely female out of the litter of Andy x Tatanka. It was harder then we thought, but finaly I can proudly present to you my new girl Chinook:

***Goodies Criss Cross Creation***

We want to thank Charline and Seb & Kim and Micha for the perfect co-operation. Without you this wasn't possible!

October 7 2007

Today was the first show for our Sensai and Geisha at the IJsselshow in Zwolle.

Blue Rising Star Black Label Junior "Sensai" was placed 2nd with a Very Promising and Blue Rising Star Awesome Ambition "Geisha" got an Excellent!
It was a very good day to start their show career.

The judge was mrs. C. Kerssemeijer and the handler C. van de Ven from Daydreamers kennel. Christy, thanks a lot!

Pictures made by S. de Vries en D. van Oijen

September 13 2007

We are very happy to announce the female Guardians of Tower Andy, a daughter of Téole's first litter, gave birth to 10 beautiful puppies at Goodies kennel in France last night. Five boys and five girls. The father of the litter is Guardians of Tower Viewers Pleasure (Tatanka, brother of Diega). The colors of the litter are black (brindle), blue brindle and brindle, all with awesome white markings.


We are even more happy to say I will pick a gorgeous female out of this litter to join our kennel!!

In 6 weeks we can tell you wich female I have chosen. Till then we will keep you updated about all females on the personal page of our new, little angel.

Charline and Seb, Kim and Micha, congratulations!

August 15 2007

I'm very proud to announce our following breeding, planned for december 2007. Pacific Blue Sky Téole will be bred to Ch. Skyblue's Southern Deejay!

More info: Breedings.

August 11 2007

Today our boy Sensai and his sister Noah got a little introduction at the dog trainingschool. For now, we will go every saturday to puppy playgroup and from september we will start obedience lessons with them. Here a short impression of this morning.

June 30 2007

We had a very nice day today because we had the first Blue Rising Star reunion. It was the reunion of the A-litter of Téole x Stitch. Unfortunately Indy and Kadisha couldn't be here, but everyone elso could so we were with 7 beauties. We would like to thank everyone for the great time we had!

Here you can see some pictures of the reunion. (The dogs are 6 months old here.)
















Kenzo & Snowy

Kenzo & Laika


Bikkel, Disney & Laika



Snowy, Disney & Kenzo

Bikkel & Snowy

Sarah with Geisha & Snowy

June 19 2007

Today all puppies (of Diega x Junior) got their microchip of the Dutch Kennelclub (Raad van Beheer).
This goes together with their official pedigree name, so here you can see what it is.

Blue Rising Star Black Label Junior


Blue Rising Star Be Prepared


Blue Rising Star Born to Rock


Blue Rising Star Beyond All Dreams


Blue Rising Star Bold and Beautiful


Blue Rising Star Blazing Brightly


Blue Rising Star Believe It or Not


Blue Rising Star Breaking Records


I've picked Blue Rising Star Black Label Junior and Blue Rising Star Bold and Beautiful for the future of our kennel.
Thanks toSandra and Arjen, co-owners of Noah!!

June 17 2007

Today our bred by male Blue Rising Star Alive and Kicking "Snowy" became 2nd with the qualification Very Good at the Stafford Times event. Congrats to the owners!!


Head: Very Good

Teeth: Very Good teeth

Coat: Excelent

Tail: Good tail

Body: Very Good

April 26 2007

Unfortunately female 2 and female 7 did not make it and passed away today. They were the weakest of the litter and did not have the strength to eat. I did my very best by feeding with the bottle etc., but it did not help and this probably was nature's choice... R.I.P. little beauties... I'll never forget you.

The rest of the pups are doing great and are growing perfect.

Blue Rising Star All Time Favorite "Kenzo" passed his puppy-exam with succes today! He scored a + at every section, which was the highest result possible!!!

April 24 2007

Last night, Diega gave birth to 10 little miracles; 2 males and 8 females!!! The colors are black, seal, blue, fawn (with black mask) and red-fawn.

March 23 2007

Today at least 4 puppies are seen on the echo of Diega, so the pregnancy is officialy


Puppies expected around April 27th!

February 23 & 25 2007

I am very proud to announce that Guardians of Tower V.I.P. Cover Girl "Diega" is bred to Ch. WhtRck Hartagold Black Label "Junior" today!!!

For more info; check the Breeding Page

February 16 2007

Guardians of Tower V.I.P. Cover Girl "Diega" visited the heart specialist in Ommen today and she is CLEAR of diseases!

January 25 2007

Today the Dutch Kennelclub (Raad van Beheer) gave the puppies their microchip! They also have their registered names now. Here you can see what it is!

Male 1 Against All Odds


Male 2 Alive and Kicking


Male 3 All Time Favorite


Female 1 Another Universe

Female 2 Absolutely Heaven

Female 4 All Eyes on Me


Female 5 American Attitude

Female 6 Awesome Ambition

Female 7 Answered Prayer

We've decided to keep female 6, Blue Rising Star Awesome Ambition. You can find her personal page under Females.

January 15 2007

Our dogs are in the new American Staffordshire Terriër agenda for 2007! You can buy it at
Large: 13 x 18,5 cm - 18 euro
Medium: 10,7 x 15 cm - 15 euro

January 14 2007

Today the first owners of the puppies came by to see their new little friend. It was a great day and everybody was in love, haha. Thank you all!

Miranda (& kids) with "Disney"

Ellen (& Tom) with "Laika"

Bernadette (& Frank) with "Snowy" left

January 1 2007

We wish you all the best for 2007!!!