December 31 2006

Puppy Gallery is added!

Here you can see lots of up-to-date pics of the little Rising Stars!

December 24 2006

December 21 2006

This beautifull little lady unfortunately passed away this morning...

Her life was very short, too short, but I already loved her. I'll never foget you. RIP, little one.

December 19 2006

Blue Rising Star proudly presents the first litter! Born in the night from 18 on 19 December;

There are 3 males and 7 females in the colors black, black brindle, seal, blue and blue brindle.

November 13 2006

Yes!!! The pregnancy is confirmed by echography today!! There are at least 4 puppies seen and Téole will give birth around December 18th.

October 16 2006

Pacific Blue Sky Téole and Stitch from the Southern Stables are bred today! In 28 days we know if Téole is pregnant!

September 1 2006

Téole and her little friend Camerone from France won another photo-contest on the Allstaffs Forum! They are now on the banners of the forum for the whole month september AND they will be on the Allstaffs Calender (month september) for 2007!!!

Thanks Agnes for making the beautiful banners and ofcourse thanks to everybody who voted for these cuties!

August 2 2006

This handsome son of Téole x Sonic, called Ayeron, is looking for a new home!

Please take a look at the Rescue Page for more information!

July 23 2006

Our female Guardians of Tower V.I.P. Cover Girl "Diega" passed the MAG-test/TT with best character of the day!!!

I'm very proud of my little angel!

July 1 2006

At the Stafford Nl show, a son of Téole; Guardians of Tower A Legacy Forever "Chike", became 2nd male in the young dog class! His qualification was Excellent and he had a great report! The judge was mister Ad van Thilo of the Phantasy Illusions kennel. We are very proud of Chike and his handler Franklin!

June 25 2006

Today we went to the FlevoDogShow, just to watch the other Am Staffs. Diega and her friend Kimo went to the photografer there and this is the result.

June 21 2006

I am very happy to announce that Téole will be bred to Stitch again. His semen is tested yesterday and it's 100% alive and kicking!!! This breeding is planned for coming September.

Pacific Blue Sky Téole x Stitch from the Southern Stables

Check out the Breeding Page for more info!

May 30 2006

There are movies added to this website of each individual dog. Go to the Gallery to see them!

May 20 2006

Today Diega was at show in Assen in the Open Class, she had a 1st place with an Excellent and became Best Bitch/BOS.

Judge was Mr. J. van de Weijer.


May 3 2006

Our own movie added to this website! You can see it in the Gallery.

April 19 2006

Today I've been to the vet for a second echography of Téole and unfortunately there are no puppies seen... Téole will be bred the next time she comes into heat again. We'll keep you updated.


April 17 2006

Diega was placed 4th with a Very Good in the Open Class at the Easter Show in Leeuwarden today! Judge was Mr. Th. van der Horst.

March 9 & 11 2006

Our girl Pacific Blue Sky Téole has been bred to Stitch from the Southern Stables!

I would like to thank Jeroen Stallen and the Vermeer family for giving me the possibility to use Stitch! There will be an echography in 4 weeks.

09-03-2006 (day 11)

11-03-2006 (day 13)

March 5 2006

Today was Diega's first time in the Open Class at the show in Zuidlaren. Judge was Mrs. I. Borchorst and Diega was placed 4th out of a very big group of nice females and she got an Excellent qualification and beautiful report!! We're very proud of this lady!

March 2 2006

Herewith the first Blue Rising Star combination is finaly announced with big pride!

Pacific Blue Sky Téole x Stitch from the Southern Stables

Check out the Breeding Page for more info!

March 1 2006

We won a photo-contest on the staffordnl forum! This is our price!

Click to view all pictures

Thank you Monique for making this!

Februari 24 2006
The hips of our girl Pacific Blue Sky Téole have been x-rayed today and she is free of deviations!!
Februari 19 2006

Today our girl Pacific Blue Sky Téole passed the MAG-test / Dutch temperament test! I am very proud of her!

Februari 4 2006

Today Diega competed at the show in Eindhoven. Her result was Very Good with a nice report. Judge was Mr. P. Würgatsch and he placed Diega 5th out of 9 females.

Februari 1 2006

Pacific Blue Sky Téole and her little friend Camerone have won the "kids and staffs contest" of the Allstaffs forum!

This is their price!

January 1 2006