Some of my favorite Am Staffs, from the present and past.

Chasqui Indian Dingo


GCH Wht Rk B'Dazzled By A Knight


Rounder's Calamity Jane


White Rock Chasskras Kiki Dee


Hartagold Knockn On Hvns Door

CH Hartagold Devil in Disguise


CH Chasqui Metal Mike


CH Sureshot's Double Dog Dare Ya!

Rebel Yell Ruffian Joannidis

CH Gallant Ruff


Mississippi Red Ispanico I


CH Van Gunn's Cruise Control

Some of my favorites that I've seen in real life.

CH Yukon's Diamond in the Ruff


Pititon's Tyson

CH SunBolt Miss America


CH Golden Moonshine White Rock

Guardians of Tower Viewers Pleasure

Stitch from the Southern Stables


CH Wht Rck Hartagold Black Label

Cheyenne Indians Riocha's Destiny


Blueberry Rebels Thasqui


Cheyenne Indians Running Squaw

CH Chasqui Indian Pepita



CH SunBolt Sweet Obession Skillet


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