Name: Blue Rising Star Freedom Forever "Hoopa"

Breeder: S. van der Spek

Birthdate: 05-05-2012

Height: 46cm.

Weight: 21kg.

Color: Brindle & White

HD: A ED: Free

Heart: OFAca clear

Ataxia: Clear by Parentage

MAG-test/TT: Passed @ 15-11-2014

Here she is, my long awaited girl Hoopa! My hope for the future of my kennel, my rising star! She's from the combination Goodies Criss Cross Creation "Chinook" x Blue Rising Star Dressed for Succes "Chaydon" and is linebred to the great CH Yukon's Diamond in the Ruff.

Hoopa is a stunning standard sized girl. She's got good bonestructure, good angles, a nice front with straight legs and good chest. She has a correct topline and a typical head, a good strong neck, correct tailset, strong pigmentation and an expression you just gotta love!! She also has very nice movement and a complete scissor bite. She does very well at the shows. She has 2 points towards the German title and we will continue showing her when she had her litter.

Hoopa's very forward and enthusiastic. She loves people and wants to cuddle and jump everybody that she sees in the neck, even complete strangers. She loves playing fetch or tugging and she's also very fond of running in the woods and fields. She's very energetic and loved her swimming sessions at DogSplash a lot as well. From the 3 canicross matches that she did, she took the 1st place 2 times!! One time at the short distace of the Dutch Championships and one time at the 1500m, so we have high hopes for the future! Besides showing and canicross she also did very well in obedience training. We finished a national exam (SHH) with very good scores. She's a great allround girl with drive, focus and will to please! I'm very happy that she joined our team with her spunky personality, and we're looking forward to her first litter a lot.

Update: In the summer of 2015, she gave us our litter L, in combination with our boy Muttley. We have to say we're very pleased with the outcome of this combination so far, and we are very thankful that Hoopa will live on in her offspring. We choose het daughter 'Bisou' for the future of our breeding program and you can find her page under the female section of our website.

**We've decided that we won't breed Hoopa anymore so now she's retired. She's available for the perfect home!!**

Pictures made at an age of 3,5 years.

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The name Hoopa (also spelled Hupa) fits this girl perfectly and I am happy I found it long before she was born. Hoopa is a Native American tribe in northwestern California. Their autonym is Natinixwe, also spelled Natinookwa, meaning "People of the Place Where the Trails Return." The Hoopa people migrated from the north into northern California around 1000 CE and settled in Hoopa Valley, California. They are one of California's first cultures. Their heritage language is Hupa, which is a member of the Athabaskan language family. Their land stretched from the South Fork of the Trinity River to Hoopa Valley, to the Klamath River in California. The Trinity River and especially the Klamath River is concidered a prime habitat for Chinook Salmon. For thousands of years, members of the Hoopa tribe depended on this rich Chinook Salmon. In fact, their traditional way of life was based on the semiannual king salmon runs that still occur on the Trinity River.

Freedom Forever

Hoopa was born on May 5th; our National Day of Freedom (Liberation Day)! Besides that, this name also refers to our foundationbitch Téole's grandparents Lola and Laix of the French kennel "des Freedom Forever." Téole is Hoopa's great grandmother and we are proud that we already have this 4th generation in our kennel!