Name: Blue Rising Star Awesome Ambition "Geisha"

Champion producer

Breeder: S. van der Spek

Birthdate: 18-12-2006

Color: Black Brindle & White

Height: 49 cm. / 19,3 inch

Weight: 26 kg.

HD: A ED: Free

Ataxia: Clear

MAG-test/TT: Passed @ 26-07-2009

This is my girl Geisha; my princess. She is my first pick out of our A litter (Téole x Stitch from the Southern Stables). I actualy wasn't going to keep a puppy from this litter at home yet, but I just fell in love with Geisha's qualities and I couldn't resist keeping her. I did never regret that decision and I am thankful that I can enjoy her every day.

Geisha's a big but balanced female. She's very well angulated and has excellent movement. She has sufficient bone, a correct topline, strait frontlegs with compact catfeet and a nice elegant neck. She has a gorgeous headpiece, strong pigmentation, a complete scissor bite and not to forget an amazing expression.

Geisha's character is very friendly, easy and she has an enormous will to please. She likes cuddling and sleeping - just like her mother, but she also won't say no to a good play-session. She loves children and they can do anything with her. She is a super surrogate mother for all the puppies that are born in our kennel; she takes care of them and raises them like they are her own. She's not fond of strange dogs though, and let's this know very clearly so we'll just walk on nice quiet places with her or sometimes let her run beside the bike. She was never crazy about swimming, even if we went with her in the water she couldn't enjoy it, but now that she's almost 8 years old and had her last litter, we thought it was time to try it with some professional help in the dog pool. And what a surprise... She actually manages quite well!! A nice extra exercise on her old day.

Geisha has given us 3 very nice litters. The 1st with CH Mr Beau Jangles from Gillian's Home out of whom we kept Spike. The 2nd was with Scott's Benny Da Dutch Bull out of whom we kept our girl Mi-Na and for the last litter we've used our own bred Blue Rising Star Chasq Creek Café out of whom we kept 3 gorgeous puppies; Summer, Snoop and Bayco.

*Geisha is now retired and enjoys her life at our couch.*

Pictures made @ an age of 80 months.

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Geisha @ Dutch Specialty 2007, handled by Jeroen Stallen