Name: Guardians of Tower V.I.P. Cover Girl "Diega"

Breeders: C. Gardien & M. Latour

Birthdate: 29-08-2004

Height: 48 cm. / 18,9 inch

Weight: 27,5 kg.

Color: Seal & White

HD: OFA Fair ED: Free Heart: OFA Cardiac Clear

Ataxia: Clear

MAG-test/TT: Passed @ 23-7-2006

Owner: S. van der Spek

This is Diega, my second Am Staff, my first female, the female where my breeding plans all begun with...

After picking a beautiful combination of two dogs I already knew personally, the waiting began. When Diega’s mum finally started labor, a little black girl was born first and I fell in love with her immediately. It took a while before the next puppy came. It was a red boy… After that we waited for a very long time, but there were no puppies coming anymore. So there was only 1 female and the breeders decided to send her to America. I was very sad, but then… Eight weeks later… I received an e-mail from the breeder with the question if I still wanted her… The next day I packed my bags and we drove to France to pick the little angel up. When I met Diega, she was very hyperactive and playfull, a true White Rock character, haha. During the way home she couldn’t sit still for 1 minute and was hard keeping her under control.

We did puppy and show training and she turned into a sweet girl that likes cuddling, playing outside (digging holes in the ground) and chewing on bones. Sometimes still hyperactive, but that makes her who she is; she has a great temperament, stable and self confident.

Diega is a very balanced female with nice bonestructure, a feminin head, a good topline, chest and shoulder, she's well angulated and her movement is very nice. She has a very strong expression and pigmentation, a complete scissor bite and a good naturel ear. She has some excellent show results and is the foundation bitch of our kennel, together with Téole. Diega gave us litter B and litter D, which include several very nice, breedtypical and healthy Am Staffs who are playing a big part in our breeding program.

Diega lives with Gert and Esther, where she enjoys her retirement together with her Labrador buddy Fynn.

Pictures made @ an age of 58 months.

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