Name: Blue Rising Star Dressed for Succes "Chaydon"

Champion producer

Breeder/Owner: S. van der Spek

Birthdate: 04-03-2009

Color: Black & White

Height: 50 cm. / 20,1 inch

Weight: 34 kg.

HD: A ED: Free

Ataxia: Clear

MAG-test/TT: Passed @ 26-06-2011

Co-Owner: M. Veldthuis

Chaydon is my keeper from litter D (Diega x Ch. Pretty Boy Yari from Gillians Home) and I've no regrets about that!

Chaydon is a black and white, well balanced boy with strong bonestructure, nice topline, very good angulations, nice front, powerful neck, great movement, a gorgeous strong headpiece, good pigmentation, a complete (tight) scissor bite and a perfect naturel ear. He is solid but graceful, just as an Am Staff should be in my eyes!

Chaydon has got a nice character; still acts like a puppy, loves to cuddle and likes hanging out with the females, but he can also amuse himself very well! Playing with his toys, chewing on a bone or just watching what's happening around him, it's all ok for him! He can be very clownish and often makes people laugh. When he was a little puppy, he showed my other dogs to climb through the window for example! LOL Nowadays he climbs on the large playset of his friend Niels, on the stairs and at the top of the slide on the lookout! Or he sits on the hood of the pick-up, that's also a fine spot! Chaydon loves going to the campsite, he adjusts very good there and shows the tourists what a nice breed the Am Staff actually is, and so it should of course! :)

Chaydon lives a happy life with Michel, Yvet and their son Niels. I want to thank them for taking such good care for this handsome boy and cooperating with me!

Pictures made @ an age of 27 months.

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